Thursday, 24 November 2011


for me is like hue,
of all the world,
i know so few.

for me is like dew,
frozen in the winter,
always as new.

as a ship in the blue,
sailing through,
as the sailors pursue

for which i argue,
even to death,
if he conjure.

i knew so few,
still for me its you,
i always knew.

always you.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

what is LOVE?

is love just...
an arrow's pierce,
dissent of logic,
under passion fierce!

turmoil in,state serene,
portraying far-off,pastures green,
blindfolded run,into mystique thick,
hands both,to nothingness pick!

nay,deeper is it than ocean's deep,
loftier than Everest steep!
delicate as a damsel's lash,
tiny,but the mightiest slash.

stronger than the strongest will,
enough to all obstructions kill,
heart tiny,when with desires soar,
love is not just this.....
much more!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

vikrant adhikari: Winter wind

vikrant adhikari: Winter wind

Winter wind

the winter wind is blowing now,
bringing you closer to me,somehow.
i remember your favorite colour was red,
the books,the gossip,the music,on which you fed.

the smile you blew,in the chilling cold,
gorgeous,beautiful and bold.
i remember you under the winter sky,
where the sun was always shy,

to meet your eyes,the perfect figure,
which when spoke,took all vigour.
i remember the touch of your arm,
simple,smooth and warm.
when you spoke to me,made music in my ears,
i never told anyone,lose you,i fear.

the winter wind is back now,
bringing you more closer,somehow,
poking me sharp and tight,
bringing back all memories of delight.