Friday, 19 August 2011

Feast for the eye

wouldn't the world be dull and louse,
without painted nails,skirts and blouse,
with delicate limbs,gestures demure,
how well do they us allure!

kohl-lined sparkling eye,
long tresses in henna dye,
melodious voice and tinkling toe,
without a sword behead their foe.

from Cleopatra to Helen unchallenged they rule,
taming brave warriors into innocent mules,
fair hand that cradle rock,
cruelly punish and shock,
its true that in our heart they lie,
but they are more than just.....'feast for the eye'

Thursday, 18 August 2011


problems,my friend...
are scattered around,
search for one..
a dozen are found!
daily a new emerges to attend,
unless you, your thinking amend!

learn to live,with few unsolved,
die will with time,if 'will' resolved!
born in one admits these to survive,
none can form this saying revive!

do not create or more invent,
breathe thee cannot in messy content!
struggle with one, next await,
trivial few, treat as waste!
do not for ad ed  condition crave,
conquer or strive in it Oh! Brave!

meaning of my life

the first glimpse of yours injured me hard,
while the second just took life of my heart,
slowly but firm your thoughts invaded my mind,
i was little uncertain,but it was love of a kind.
as the days went by the feelings grew stronger,
now my heart was only beating to be yours life long,
and it was one fine day,when i decided to say,
but before i could ,destiny had already parted our way,
thunder struck by the fate my life had turned grey,and i was left with a wait, sitting with sorrow and dismay.
recollecting my shattered strength, i started quest of you,
looking everywhere for slightest of the clue
finally i heard your presence though somewhere far
the fire got lit again,with rejuvenated power
this time i won't delay,to make the timely thrive
as i want you to become the very MEANING OF MY LIFE.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

these lines have been my inspiration always

Woods are lovely dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep.