Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The loss and the gain

There is bullet in my chest,
blood is oozing off my vest,
I can see the glorious crest,
I know,I did my best.

There are arms all around me,
the barrels are smoking,I can see,
there is less sound reaching my ears,
I have lost all my fears.

They drag me to a tree,
resting under it,I shall be free,
I have my gun in one hand,
and in the other,smiling,you stand.

In my wallet there are your picture,
covered in gunpowder and moisture,
I rub away all the dust,
I shall see them all,it's a must.

I can see you far and distant,
hazy it gets,as time is spent,
you extend your arms and shout my name,
I smile and your eyes rain.

I can feel your hands,on my cheek,
your kiss on forehead,makes me weak,
your warmth is easing the pain,
I think you understand,
the loss and the gain. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Come to me

come touch my heart
and feel my breath
i need your warmth,
and your body strength.

come hold my hand
and walk the distance,
we make our mark,
with the journey we commence.

come rest your head
on my chest,
count the beats
and kiss my forehead.

come to me
and hold me tight,
will never let you go
as we unite.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Remember the day

do you......

do you remember the day
when i was along
and the wind was strong,
when the sun was so bright
and i was in your sight,

do remember the day
when distances were less
and slowly we progress,
when we walked together
& eyes were alert but our hearts chatter,

do you remember the day 
when twenty four hours were not enough
and the days seemed short
and nights were tough,
when you pet my arm
& every touch was a delight & so warm,

I remember every hour,minute & second
every moment spent on that weekend
I am far and away
but will always remember the day,

will you remember the day as i do
will you.........

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When I am gone

what would it be like
when i am gone,
how will be days and night
when i am gone,
who will you hug so tight
when i am gone.

the streets we crossed together,

the sun,the wind,the weather,
the touch as feather,
will you remember them all
when i am gone.

will you laugh or cry,
when i am gone,
will you still like the sun in the sky,
when i am gone,
will you not ask....why?
When I am gone.......