Thursday, 18 August 2011

meaning of my life

the first glimpse of yours injured me hard,
while the second just took life of my heart,
slowly but firm your thoughts invaded my mind,
i was little uncertain,but it was love of a kind.
as the days went by the feelings grew stronger,
now my heart was only beating to be yours life long,
and it was one fine day,when i decided to say,
but before i could ,destiny had already parted our way,
thunder struck by the fate my life had turned grey,and i was left with a wait, sitting with sorrow and dismay.
recollecting my shattered strength, i started quest of you,
looking everywhere for slightest of the clue
finally i heard your presence though somewhere far
the fire got lit again,with rejuvenated power
this time i won't delay,to make the timely thrive
as i want you to become the very MEANING OF MY LIFE.

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Anonymous said...

nice one dude